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--Welcome to Einstime™

Knowing the time and day is not enough in today's expanding world. Our families, friends, interests and activities may be farther away than ever before. Wherever you are - wherever they are - you'll have all the time in the world with Einstime.

Einstime is a Time Information Manager. Its calendar operates in Gregorian, Jewish, or hybrid mode. Additional tool windows track appointments, to do items, notations and more. Whether you have an important birthday, wedding anniversary, or business event - wherever it may be - Einstime will always keep you aware and on top of the time.

Tell Einstime your location and it will track the time and the time zone for all of your calendar and scheduled events, automatically adjusting and displaying local times anywhere in the world. Einstime calculates accurate rise and set times and directions of the sun and moon for any date and location. (Einstime tracks over 80 world time zones including their daylight saving time adjustments.)

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Version 4.7
For all Windows versions! 

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